Why choose Formwize?

Formwize was crafted specifically to provide enterprise level companies the ability to capture data, collate it in custom reports and share it across a wide variety of mediums.

We operate on serverless Infrastructure as Code (IaC) in order to run our application on both Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platforms. New instances may be provisioned in less than a day on your chosen hosting platform.

With single sign-on (SSO), data encryption, and compliance features as standard we have everything covered. Read on to find out more.

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  • Our simple intuitive interface allows you to create great looking forms in minutes
  • Customise your forms with our styling tools to match your company branding
  • Built-in security with SSO and data encryption, and compliance to web standards.
  • Transform your form data into professional looking reports that you can share with your teams
  • Publishing controls govern who can publish digital forms to your end customers
  • New instances may be provisioned in less than a day on your chosen hosting platform
  • Over 30 specialised question types to collect a wide range of data types and formats
  • Sophisticated validation features to ensure the integrity and accuracy of data collected

API enabled micro services

Formwize provides API enabled microservices support out of the box and has been providen to easily integrate with third party applications through its standard REST API and ability to work woth standard formasr such as JSON, XML, CSV and form encoded serial formats and PDFs.

Read only APIs are enabled by default to expose Formwize captured dat via JSON to your target applications or visulation tools. Full CRUD (Create, Update, Delete is a configurable option but is only available to users following specific authorization to protect data from being inadvertently deleted.

In addition Formwize also offers first, second or 3rd party API based look ups. As an example lookups for Bank Branches or Post Office Branches may be conducted from legacy applications

Now you know what we can do let's power up your business!

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